Thursday, February 25, 2010


Before I burst into gleeful giggling over the vote that just went down, let me start by saying: who the heck directed this episode??? When the showdown between Rupert and Coach was starting I thought that maybe Coach was about to pass out because of the slow-mo and foreshadowing music. Then as the Villains were going to tribal counsel the music and slow-mo walking along the beach?? This is not the style of my classic Survivor that I so very much was expecting in this season that is reflecting so much on all that Survivor has always been. I really was excited for the Heroes to get their stuff together and dominate during the challenge today. It was a nice breath of fresh air. Mostly because I want things to even out a little. I am cheering for too many people on each tribe that it is hard for me to pick a favorite tribe, just favorite survivors. I agree with Parvati that Jeri is a dried up old Cougar. Her performance during the challenge was pathetic, especially considering how she considers herself one of the strongest women on the tribe. While we're talking labels, I can not help but point out how shockingly honorable Coach was. Just moments before going to tribal he says he is the one last honorable player in the game and says that he will try with every last fiber in him to keep Randy there. Then..... he writes Randy's name down?!?!!? Wow. As quoted by the great Russell, "Coach is a joke." Now that Sugar and Randy are gone, I am quite content with the way things are going. What are your thoughts on the season so far? I love how I already know all of the survivors this season. Usually I am spending the first 3 or 4 episodes stil trying to figure out who I like. I really would like to see a return of the black widows alliance of Parvati, Cirie and Amanda. And could someone please tell me who Danielle is? I think they showed her twice on this episode, once with mud in her teeth and once at camp with her lady lumps falling out of her top.I am fairly sure they have not shown her yet this season. But again, that is a pretty good strategy she has going. It has gotten a lot of people pretty far. This was a great week in Survivor, but judging by the previews I am not so excited for next week. Why can't Rob and Russell just realize that they would make the best alliance ever and stop fighting? Rob and Russell were meant to be together and they need to stop fighting and just be in love.

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